Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You know your old when...

Your 7 yr old asks you to open the lock on the cabinet to the VHS tapes and after asking her what for her reply was " I want to get the rest of those other dvd type things." Other dvd type things? you mean vhs tapes? "yeah those!" Oh I am so old! How bad is that? My child never knew the joys of vhs tapes. The rewinding and fastforwarding to find the part of the movie you wanted to see. All she knows is point and click and you are there! Remember audio cassettes? 2 sides, fast forwarding and rewinding to find the right song. How many times did you sit there and press rewind, stop, play to find the song you wanted? Oh those were the days. Now we just press the right number. No wonder I am so lazy.

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