Monday, November 17, 2008

Allen's Dedication

Yesterday my husband and I took the stage at our home church and stood infront of hundreds of people and affirmed that we indeed have a personal relationship with God, that we affirm that we will not seperate our family with divorce and that we also affirm to raise our children in the teachings of Christ and the Bible. Allen did pretty well. Except he wanted to preach instead of our pastor. He also wanted to sing while our pastor prayed over our family and the family that was standing along side us with their sweet lil QUIET daughter. He almost starting grabbing at the pastors face while he prayed. Imagine the surprise on his face if that had happened! Allen loves faces and loves to grab noses and gouge out eyes. I fear what he might use this for in his grown years. Until then we just have to play dodge the hand. Our pastor was kind enough to also include our little Faith because when she was born we were between churches at the time. Rose was dedicated at our home church at the time of her birth. So now we have 3 children we promise to God that we will teach them about him and raise them by his teachings. Rose is on the verge of dedicating herself to God. We are very excited about that. She is growing up so fast! We just took her out of her booster seat in the back seat. We have never had a child of ours out of a car seat of some kind. I cant believe it! Those books we strap to her head just arent working! Oh well I guess we are suppose to embrace it and praise God that we got her through her baby years. Now to get Faith and Allen through! Then maybe I can sleep in to 715....Maybe?

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Manda said...

Awww! That's great! I'm so happy for you guys!