Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I celebrate my 9th Wedding Anniversary! 9 years ago I married a great guy whom I met on the internet by sheer luck! NO not by dating sites, or chat rooms. We met on the net when meeting on the net WASN'T cool. I like to think we started the whole craze. We married much to the displeasure of alot of the family members. Mainly mine. I was 19. Almost 20. And no one thought I should have gotten married. But 9 years later I have been able to show them that I was serious. We have 3 beautiful, happy children and my husband is my best friend. Our marriage is like a fine wine. The longer we are married the better our relationship becomes. I feel we are seasoned, experienced. I know its not a long time and we are not all knowing but I feel like we have learned alot so far. I know others have been married much longer, like my SIL who will celebrate 20 years in Feb. That NEVER happens anymore! I hope we are just as happy and in love as they are when we reach 20 years of marriage. They are our models for a great marriage. So on this Thankful Thursday I am thankful first and foremost to God for bringing Charles into my life, my SIL and BIL for being great role models for us and supporting us from the beginning and last but never least to my husband to whom I owe so much! I love you! Thanks for being my friend and going through the ups and downs with me. We make a great team. I hope we are married for many many years to come!

Also another couple I am thankful for is a couple I use to babysit for. God placed them in my path for a season. I love their son and enjoyed babysitting him. I was lucky enough to grow a relationship with them and I am very thankful for them. The wife was sweet enough to ask her hubby to come fix our heater that was broken. She sacrificed her family time to give us heat. I am so grateful to her for making that sacrifice. I am thankful to her hubby for fixing it and finally for the first time in weeks allowing us to be warm at night. I didnt have to wrap Allen up in layers of clothing and I didnt have to stress about Faith sleeping with no covers because she hates them! And Rose was able to sleep peacefully without Faith waking her up climbing in bed with her to stay warm. So thank you so much my friends for your generosity. I hope God blesses you more then you have blessed me.

I am also thankful for God bringing a young girl into our lives to babysit during the week. Its amazing how God works. This young girl is Rose's age, lives 3 doors up from us and is even in her 2nd grade class. I believe she was also in Rose's Kindergarten class. Now they get to play in the afternoons together 3 days a week! I get to make Christmas money and Rose and Faith have a friend to play with. And her mom even asked if I could help take some food off her hands that her mother overly blesses her with. So WOW! This week is full of blessings and so makes up for my horrible storm from the past few weeks. See? God always takes care of you just not in the way you would every expect! I am ever so thankful for God and his blessings. So what are you thankful for this Thankful Thursday?


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! You are both just amazing people and although we have never met, I know we would be the best of friends if we did! I am so thankful for my family too and just our health and making it so far as we have come as well.:) I am so happy for you that you have been blessed this week and things are looking up for you!