Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Still going.....

Just felt like I needed to stop by and say I am still here. Still busy, but doing well. Faith has had her kidney and ureters and bladder checked out by a urologist. The double ureter is not a concern and requires no special attention. But we have discovered that Faith doesnt empty her bladder or bowels completely. So now we are in the process of re-training her bladder and bowels to empty completely. She apparently became the Kegel Queen while potty training. She was so caught up in playing and stuff that as she was potty training she wouldnt empty her bladder. She would just go enough to feel better and stop and go back and play. So her bladder became use to it and that is how it operates now. Those muscles contract and wont allow anymore urine to pass. So she has to potty every 2 hours and take a couple of things to help move her bowels along. So far so good. We go back in July and see how it worked. Hopefully it will be fixed and she can start Kindergarten with no special instructions.

We go soon to the Cardiologist for Rose to review her holter test. I dont expect to hear anything
about it. I expect to drive all the way there and they say she looks great! So that will be a waste of my time and Rose's school time. But better off safe then sorry.

My SIL had her surgery! And soon she will be free of all the extra medical things she has attached to her. I will take her tomorrow to get one of them removed. She will be good as new by the end of next week. Not quick enough for her but she will get there. Good news!!! Her hubby is finally back at work! We are so happy for them! 2 of their cats had kittens and I think we are going to get 2 of them. One for each of our daughters. That way we wont have to deal with fighting over the one pet.

My CBF(crazy best friend)'s daughter had spine surgery and is doing great! Soon my CBF will be back at work and I might be able to have lunch with her again. I am going through CBF withdrawl! I miss her lots. I have gone to see them and once because things are busy here and its hard to get over there to see them. I have spoken to her on the phone lots but it doesnt equal spending time with her. Shes such a great friend!

Allen has cut the top 2 k-9 teeth. Now we are waiting on the bottom ones. He seems to be feeling better. But he has learned how screaming and screeching makes his mom cringe and gets what he wants. So thats been a lot of fun to deal with. Not sure how are going to get past this. Just another challenge of motherhood.

The girls had a performance at church and Rose was a Lioness. SO CUTE!!! And Faith got to sing with her class before the performance. It was great! I have it on dvd now. But the quality isnt all that great. Oh well, thats what you get when you use an ancient 8 yr old dinosaur video camera to tape it! LOL!!! I did get some pics though. Enjoy them and I will write again when I can....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Its been a LOOONNNGGG while

Ok so its been a while since I stopped by my blog. I havent forgotten that I had one. I just got quite busy with life in general. Its like Allen hit a year old and the rest is history. Life just got hectic after that.

Lets see, whats been going on you say? Well it all started with me, Charles and Faith getting UTI's. Then Faith's dr thought it would be good if she went to the childrens hospital for an indepth exam of her urinary tract and all its little happy parts to see if she had bladder reflux. They did an ultrasound and also inserted a catheter and injected dye. Took lots of xrays during this part. We have her meds so she would be loopy and pretty much forget the whole experience. Now if only mommy could have had some of that! We found out a few days later that Megan didnt have reflux but did have double ureters. Which means she has to tubes on her kidney going to her bladder instead of one. So we are set to go back and do the scans all over again I think. And see what the urologist wants to do about it. Hopefully they will want to just watch her and see how she is in the future. If it starts to be a problem then she may have to have one of them removed. That is nerve wracking!!!

Next is Rose. She has been complaining lately of not being able to breathe through her mouth. And of her chest hurting at times and also her stomach. A couple of times she has mentioned her heart beating fast. So she is set to go to the Cardiologist to double check and make sure all is well with her. Sounds like maybe she has a heart murmur and its acting up. I have one and I have similar symptoms when mine acts up. So more to follow about that one.

Allen is teething. All 4 of his k-9 teeth at one time. And he is none to happy about it at the moment. He isnt sleeping well. I dont think he has slept through the night in a couple of weeks. He is very clingy. Allen has always been a mama's boy but Allen is especially clingy these past couple of weeks. Not sure what exactly is going on with him but I know hes not sick. So thats a good sign.

So thats the lastest on my children. Now for the rest of my family...

Charles' grandmother suffered with cancer and is now feeling great in the arms of God. The place she strived for her whole life here on earth. She deserves it! I hope shes telling God good things about us here on Earth. We miss her lots. We dont cry for her so much as we cry for the ones left behind and the ones who miss her terribly. God is the great comforter and I know he will bless this family.

Charles' brother in law is on week 11 I think of no job. The economy really needs to pick up. But I think God is using this time as a blessing to the family because Charles' sister is having kidney troubles too! I think her and Faith just need to move in to a special room at the kidney hospital and be room buddies! LOL!!! But she is set to have surgery to remove a very stubborn kidney stone. The pain that has been involved just makes my heart ache for her. I cant wait til its all over for her and she can feel somewhat normal again.

Charles is having a hard time at work. Very stressful and he feels like hes not accomplishing much out of it. I try my best to make him feel better but lately it has had little to no effect. I think depression is starting to set in and it worries me. Its very hard to handle him situations like this. So pray for him.

Some good news though! I am now the Sunday School Director at church for the preschool hall. Love it! Would love it more if the Childrens Director would let go of the reins a bit more and let me do more. She has a hard time letting go of control. I understand that. So until she is comfortable I just sit back and let her jump in when ever she feels she needs to. Makes my job easier but then I feel like I am not doing as much. But in time it will all change. I am enjoying the time I get to spend with all the kids at church and getting to know them more. Instead of just a few kids I get to know and learn about all of them. COOL HUH?! Love it!!!

So thats kinda it for now. I am staying busy with my kids. Babysitting parttime for some older kids. Hoping to get some more soon.

I will try to write more often as things and time allow me to. Happy Spring!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

After a year you would think....

After a year of being changed severl times a day, frequent baths and daily outfit changes you would thing one might grow accustom to this routine. No such luck. Allen is over a year old now. I have changed his diaper, clothes, and bathed him often. And ever since he was able to protest he has done so! I am amazed my arms arent the size of the Hulk's as much as I strain to keep him from leaving and flailing at me! Even after a year of naps he still screams everytime I lay him down. He is just not getting the idea that screaming doesnt make me stop changing your diaper or clothes. Screaming doesnt keep you from being clean. And screaming certainly doesnt let you stay up late!

Ever since he was formed he has been a "ticky" child. He hated being touched, prodded and messed with in-womb. Every time they would use the doppler probe on my stomach to find his heart beat he would lead them on a chase. He would leave that location and escape to another. It was like a race all over my stomach. Often they would just give up as along as they heard a beat or two of his heart. I guess they figured, hes active and has a heart beat hes good! LOL!!! During ultrasounds he would turn his back to us. Never would he show us his face. There for a while I wondered if he had one! We surprised him though! I had an ultrasound on a friday and another on the following Monday. On Friday he hid from us as usual. On Monday he wasnt expecting us back so soon! We got to see his face and apparently he was in shock we had returned for a view into is his little world because his eyes and mouth were wide open! LOL!!! We laughed!!!! And once he was discovered he was good and let us even get a side profile pic. YAY!!!!! Way to go Allen!

At birth again the "dont mess with me" syndrome kicked in. He went into distress and everytime they would mess with him the following 4 days in the NICU he would get upset, his blood pressure would rise, his oxygen would drop and he would grunt and growl at them. But inbetween "touch times" he was fine. We told them he doesnt like being touched but they werent keen on listening to us. Finally one nurse did and put a note in his file. They almost wouldnt release him on day four, his blood pressure wouldnt go down. So I said put the cuff on him and walk away for a bit come back and then test him. And guess what happened? He got to go home! And to this day nothing has changed! He still hates to be messed with. Am I doomed for life time of "dont touch me!" Will he ever get married and bless me with grandbabies? One would say hes only 1 he has plenty of time to grow and change. Lets just hope that happens for my sake, and his future wife's LOL!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Stupid much? (Just a rant and vent post)

Can someone tell me where in the world does reality end and fairy land starts with credit companys. We are in a recession, our banks are folding because people everywhere are defaulting on their accounts and are losing money like crazy. But a customer calls with an offer to settle the account and they say nope! Your not delinquent enough? Come again???? Not delinquent ENOUGH? Are you kidding me!?!?! I have paid on a credit card for 8 years and the amount I have spent is over 4 times the amount of the total amount of credit on the card! I call to settle and they say there isnt a settlement offer at this time. LOL!!!! This is what I get for being a good citizen paying my credit card like I should. How stupid is that! So now what do I do? Just refuse to pay until they are willing to settle? That way I'm delinquent enough? UGH! I just dont get it! I am offering them 60% of the total amount due and they say nope! Until then They will call me 7-8 times a day asking for their monthly payment. Harassment much???? Sorry for the rant but come on this is completely ridiculous, is it not????

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Counting my blessings

You know what? Its time to have a warm, fuzzy, happy blog entry dont you think? Because here at my home the sun is shining, my daughter is playing happily behind me, Allen FINALLY fell asleep and I have Casting Crowns playing in the background. All the makings of a peaceful moment to sit and collect my thoughts. Wont you join me????

I am very happy to be where I am right now. I have been so blessed lately. After a couple of years of burdens that were VERY hard to carry and get through we are finally feeling lighter. As I sit here realizing how awesome life is for me right now, I cant help but smile! Here's the blessings that God has blessed me with:(besides my great family)

God has blessed us with a chance to have financial peace! For the first time in 2 years we are on our way to being back on our feet! And it feels great!

I feel God calling me into serving at church. It feels great to know that God has chosen me to do something in his name.

God has blessed me with a great friend that is very special to me. I haven't had a close friend since high school and luckily we still talk from time to time(yes you lil' bit). I love having a friend to talk to and hang out with. And to be showered with taco salads! LOL!!! I love her so much! She is like a sister to me and I know that it was part of God's plan for me. And I am so very thankful to him for that. I never had a close friend like that....that wasnt some how related to me. Dont worry Gwen I still consider you a great friend!

God has blessed me with children to watch during the week, for extra money, that are awesome kids! A sweet lil baby girl that comes to hang out a few days a week. A boy that is alot like Rose and fun to have over. Sometimes we have a classmate of Rose's come over to play at times too and shes a joy to have over. And it just works out perfectly for our schedule! I still have chances to get out of the house at times and attend story time at the library with just my lil ones. Its great. I couldn't work this out this well on my own. God is a great mathmatician.

I am being given opportunities to be a light for Christ and its great! I never thought I could do anything to serve him from my home. Because I never get out much, how can I share his word from my couch? Well he has been faithful to put chances in my path to share and its great!

So all in all life is wonderful right now, despite the illnesses that are constant attacking us. I am glad to be on the happier side of life after a couple of dark years. I am stronger and wiser and God is already using those years for good. How cool is that! I am so thankful to him and give him all the glory for what hes graced me with. I couldnt accomplish any of this if it werent for God in my life. I praise him! Thank you God!

But I cant help but be a little nervous about how long this great stuff will last. So human of me! LOL!!! I just have to keep telling myself to have faith!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ok so its been a while

I know its been quite a millenium since I wrote last. And ending on such sad terms! How bad of me! I am so sorry! We got hit with a stomach bug that went from one person to the other in the house and it was almost never ending. Then sinus issues started so I just havent felt up to blogging. But I am here to say I am still alive and kickin'!

Allen just celebrated his first birthday! Oh the mixed emotions I feel about that one. Allen is our last baby. Well that WE have planned. But I know God can perform miracles. Anyways we arent expecting to expand the family anymore and I am both happy and sad at the thought of it. I am sad to know that my last baby is no longer a little baby. I think he grew to fast. I was pregnant for 2 years with him (it seemed that way anyway) and now hes pulling up on everything and eating cheeseburgers and drinking milk from a sippy cup. But at the same time, its great to know that part of my life is done. No more waking up ever 2 hours to nurse and change diapers just to be peed on in the dark. Actually, I am extremely eager to start the next chapter in my journey along life's path. I am ready to see what awaits me past the life of babies! No diapers! No buckling seat belts! The day I get to get in the car with the family and not have to buckle anyone but me will be a day of Angels singing! Now I am not that naive to think its going to get easier. No I do expect new challenges. Challenges I have no clue that are coming and how to handle them. You see my sister was 7 when I married and moved out. So my experience only goes to seven. Which just so happens to be Rose's age. So I am reaching the era of mystery. Exciting and nerve wracking yes! But I am ready to go!

I also feel God pulling me into action at church in the nursery dept. I feel led to do more then just my duty every 6 weeks with the one year olds. I am ready to take on more responsiblity. Not sure exactly where hes leading me but I am excited to see where it is. So much is changing in my little world here. And I feel overjoyed to take it all on.

We are going through a class at church for our finances. "Financial Peace University" by Dave Ramsey. LOVE IT! We are such money losers! LOL!!! But now we are on the track to being blessed! See? God is busy working alot in my home. I am on the brink of living a life totally unfamiliar to me. And its refreshing! Wish me luck as we go down the new path of life!

Oh! Here's a few pics of Allen's b-day celebration. If you feel the urge to whistle the Smurf's theme just know you arent alone! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

A final goodbye

Well its official. My grandmother has been laid to rest beside the love of her life. My father has emailed me this and now it really feels "official"


Originally published on 1/14/2009
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KING, Wanda
KING Wanda Lee (nee Hammond), beloved wife of the late Elmer F.King, dear mother of Glen (Susan) King, Wayne (Susan) King and Marjorie (Michael) Flores, also survived by seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Sunday, January 11, 2009, age 78. Graveside service at Arlington Memorial Gardens, 2145 Compton Rd., Mt. Healthy, Friday 10 a.m. (please meet inside gate at 9:45 a.m.). Memorials may be made to Shriners Hospital for Children. Hodapp Funeral Home, Carthage, serving the family.
Funeral Home: John Hodapp Sons IncFuneral Date: Jan. 16, 10 a.m.

Now for those of you confused as to why my father and his brother have the same wife let me correct you by saying no they dont share a wife they actually each have a wife named Susan. There are alot Susan's in my life. In fact theres a Susan on my husband's side whom I absolutely adore! Love ya Susie!!!!

I wanted this Obit to have a permanent home incase they take it off the website soon. Not sure how they operate that stuff. Anyways daddy said it was, with the wind chill, -22 degrees. They were in Ohio. Southern Ohio at that. So as you can imagine the funeral was really small. But the amount of love for her was huge. I was there in spirit and so sad I couldnt make it there to say farewell. But she knows my heart and would rather me take care of my kids then suffer in the cold. She was just awesome like that. Daddy also said she had some pics of me as a child that he is going to give me. She also had a high school ring that she wore all the time and they have chosen to give it to me. Let me just say that the honor I felt when dad told me was amazing. I didnt even think about her personal belongings and to have something that she wore most of her life will be a blessing. Its nice to have a piece of her. I miss her. I am usually ok most of the time but talking about her and the funeral and the sharing of her belongings can just really hit me hard at times. I just have to say I am very blessed and I am the woman I am today because she taught me to love and to have a good heart. I hope that I show that I have a good heart and that she is proud of me and who I have become.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh Rose my dear Rose...

My daughter brought home a paper today with her report card that was a suppose to be a book recommendation and review. Now to remind you she is only in the 2nd grade. And this my dear readers is what she wrote.

How the Grinch Stoled Christmas

I if the grinch stol my chrismtas I will tack a woodin patl and spanck him until his but glos reb like an apple. then he'll skrem and say ow ow ow ow. it will hert him but it was his folt. he stoled my christmas. then he will not wat to cam dak. he will be runing home. I like the book how the Grinch Stoled Christmas. because it is a good book.

Now here is the understandable translation :

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

If the Grinch stole my Christmas I will take a wooden paddle and spank him until his butt glows red like an apple. Then he'll scream and say ow ow ow ow. It will be his fault he stole my Christmas. Then he will not want to come back. He will be running home!

CUTE NO? That was a very cute laugh that I needed today. I just wanted to share.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not sure what to feel right now

This morning my grandmother passed away. Saddening? Yes, of course it is. She get use to saying that) an old lady. She was sick with elderly illnesses and just took the same path most elderly people take. All ending in the same result. But to me my grandmother passed away in May of 1996. You see that weekend I went camping with a boyfriend and his family and upon return had to prepare for a week full of final exams in school. I found out by accident that she was in the hospital. No one told me but apparently she had had an aneurysm in her brain and it caused a pretty strong stroke. Neither of my parents told me this. So one day I called and my grandfather answered and through our usual chit chat I asked to talk to grandma and he said she was in the hospital. He apparently didnt know I didnt know. Well the stroke was so strong it took her spirit. The part of her who made her, my grandmother. The one who would take me shopping every time I came to visit, to buy me Lucky Charms and pudding to eat all day everyday I was there! The grandmother who had a special drawer in her dresser full of costume jewerly that I would run back and put on even before I could even glance at the house. I would try on different necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings(the vice type earrings that you twisted until it pinched your ear tight) . This was the grandmother who got me the pink spongy rollers so I could play and roll my hair. The one who let me play with all her Oil of Olay items and make myself "beautiful." I would call her every weekend and she would tell me to hang up and she would call me right back so that she paid for the call. We would talk for like an hour each time. What do you talk about for an hour with a grandchild, i dont know but I do look foward to finding out. This grandmother was the grandmother who traveled from Ohio to South Carolina to testify that she would care for me if the judge granted my father sole custody. My father was granted just that. I lived with my grandmother and grandfather (along with daddy) in Ohio for my toddler years and she was my mom for the time I didnt have one. She was my friend when I was having problems with my step mom. She was always my ear to listen and my shoulder to lean and cry on. And in 1996 all that was stolen away. She still remembered all that. She didnt have any lasting effects mentally or physically. She learned it all again. But she was never the same. Her light that shined about her was dim and the older she got the grumpier and more bitter she grew. I never heard my grandmother curse until I came to visit after I married Charles. She was so different. I missed her so badly even though I was still sitting next to her at the time. I was my grandparents favorite mainly because they helped raise me at the beginning, and because I was the first. I will miss those days and never forget them. I really am not sure how to feel, the proper way to feel. I am sad but I dont know completely why. My grandmother has been gone for awhile and its something with the permanent feeling of her not coming back regardless. Not sure I had hope that my "real" grandmother would return. I knew that could never happen. But you always wish and hope that it could happen. I think the fact that the possiblity firmly doesnt exist is what has saddened me. I am relieved at the same time. Knowing the whole family, including my grandmother herself, were waiting for her to pass for the past few years. I know my uncle and aunt worked hard to care for her, and visit her. The rest of the family was to far away to help physically. I know that they must feel some sort of relief and of course sadness. I am sad because I cant go to say goodbye. I dont even remember the last time we talked. The last time I said goodbye. I have no memory of it. I think that may be my hurt. I dont know. Maybe its just all of it. Well it is a part of life and I know it happens to us all. I guess I will do the best I can to work through losing my best friend...again.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A little here, A little there

Faith dressed herself and decided that she wanted to mix and match her outfit with a little bit of her family members clothing.

Sweater-Rose's size 7
Pants- Allen's (Size 12 months) Actually fits her waist!
Shoes- Mine!

Not sure anything she was wearing was hers! LOL!!!