Friday, November 7, 2008

Beauty by Fire

We all go through many ups and downs in our lives. We have to fight and cry to get through some of them. In times like these I usually can smile until I cant take it anymore and then have a complete meltdown. I am going through one of those downs in my journey down the path of life. I have had my meltdown and now I can focus. In this storm God has shown me something. God is an artist. He likes to craft many beautiful things. I see his artwork everywhere. Our children, nature and the love I have for my husband are all beautiful. But God has shown me that I am his artwork too! And that in this time of stress I should understand that he has placed me in the fire,
to make me malleable so that he can shape me to who he has planned me to be. So that once he is completed I can be beautiful! And I have decided that I shouldn't be depressed or upset about my fire that I am in. I should be praising him and thanking him that he loves me enough and sees me special enough to put me there. That he has a great plan for me and that I am that important to spend time on. I shouldn't waste my breath with why me lord ? Instead I should say "Thank you God for loving me so much and thinking that I am so special that you are working and making me beautiful" What a great way to see life's storms. It makes it alot easier to get through. I am on my way to being beautiful by God's Fire

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Mandy said...

I do understand now.