Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Still going.....

Just felt like I needed to stop by and say I am still here. Still busy, but doing well. Faith has had her kidney and ureters and bladder checked out by a urologist. The double ureter is not a concern and requires no special attention. But we have discovered that Faith doesnt empty her bladder or bowels completely. So now we are in the process of re-training her bladder and bowels to empty completely. She apparently became the Kegel Queen while potty training. She was so caught up in playing and stuff that as she was potty training she wouldnt empty her bladder. She would just go enough to feel better and stop and go back and play. So her bladder became use to it and that is how it operates now. Those muscles contract and wont allow anymore urine to pass. So she has to potty every 2 hours and take a couple of things to help move her bowels along. So far so good. We go back in July and see how it worked. Hopefully it will be fixed and she can start Kindergarten with no special instructions.

We go soon to the Cardiologist for Rose to review her holter test. I dont expect to hear anything
about it. I expect to drive all the way there and they say she looks great! So that will be a waste of my time and Rose's school time. But better off safe then sorry.

My SIL had her surgery! And soon she will be free of all the extra medical things she has attached to her. I will take her tomorrow to get one of them removed. She will be good as new by the end of next week. Not quick enough for her but she will get there. Good news!!! Her hubby is finally back at work! We are so happy for them! 2 of their cats had kittens and I think we are going to get 2 of them. One for each of our daughters. That way we wont have to deal with fighting over the one pet.

My CBF(crazy best friend)'s daughter had spine surgery and is doing great! Soon my CBF will be back at work and I might be able to have lunch with her again. I am going through CBF withdrawl! I miss her lots. I have gone to see them and once because things are busy here and its hard to get over there to see them. I have spoken to her on the phone lots but it doesnt equal spending time with her. Shes such a great friend!

Allen has cut the top 2 k-9 teeth. Now we are waiting on the bottom ones. He seems to be feeling better. But he has learned how screaming and screeching makes his mom cringe and gets what he wants. So thats been a lot of fun to deal with. Not sure how are going to get past this. Just another challenge of motherhood.

The girls had a performance at church and Rose was a Lioness. SO CUTE!!! And Faith got to sing with her class before the performance. It was great! I have it on dvd now. But the quality isnt all that great. Oh well, thats what you get when you use an ancient 8 yr old dinosaur video camera to tape it! LOL!!! I did get some pics though. Enjoy them and I will write again when I can....