Monday, November 24, 2008


How does a dog the size of a basset hound break the door off of a crate? A metal crate! Its laying inside the crate! And my pumpking pie is a smushed mess on my floor! He destroyed my pumpkin pie! YOU DONT MESS WITH MY PUMPKIN PIE!!! Especially when momma hasnt had her anti-PMDD Meds. I havent had the first bite of it yet! Someone better come save this dog before hes stuffed on my mantle with holly around his neck for christmas! Can you tell im a little upset about the whole thing? I think his stay here has ended. I have tried and tried to give him a great home. To make him feel loved and special. I have stood up and protected him when others said he needed to be returned. He digs out and runs a muck around the neighborhood. No matter how hard I try I cant keep him in his own yard. He apparently can destroy crates. And he can jump gates or tear them down. I have done everything the vet has suggested minus tying him up to a run. I cant leave him outside all day like that if I have to leave. Winter is coming. I cant afford to go buy a dog house and all that needs to be purchased for his stay outside. And honestly do you really thing I tie out will work for him. He tore the door of a crate! theres no way a tie will hold him. And I sure as heck aint wasting the money to see if it does or not. No more pets for us! So much for my security, my safe feeling at night. I am done trying to make things work that just wont! How embarassing this is! Yeah I know I am blogging about it. Right now I am stressed and hormonally crazy so right now I dont care what people think of me. In a couple of days I will look back at this post and think" what was I thinking?" Until then.... Who Cares?

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