Monday, November 10, 2008

Rose has lost it!

Do you see anything missing?

How about now?

Eww! you say? Well yes but it wasnt your eye she almost took out when the thing went flying! This is what happens when shes home sick and is bored with dental floss. *SIGH* What to do next?

Can I just say...YAY! That tooth was driving me crazy. It would just scream to be released from its gummy jail but just couldnt get parole I guess. I am just glad its over. Except now I have to deal with the ones on either side that are lose. UGH!

On the "flip side" Allen's teeth are popping in all over the place. I believe the count is up to 8 now. Steak anyone?

Well I am off to make Easy Mac for the sickly toothless child. UGH MONDAYS!

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