Monday, April 5, 2010

Im so very grumbly tonight

I know that I probably sound really selfish but I really feel taken advantage of. I am working from home, babysitting several children. I work myself to near exhaustion taking care of all the kids that come to my home. Then around 6pm everynight all the kids that dont belong to me have gone home and its time for me to clean, make dinner and repair damage done from the day. Then I need to clean up after dinner get the house ready for the next day. I use to be able to conquer most of it. Now that my child count has increased its really hard to work from 630 am until after 8pm everyday. I haven't had any increase in help. My DH still gets to come home after work everday and play is online game all evening. Come out, eat dinner, then go back to playing until bed. The fight that every Stay at home mom and Working dad will never be won. Often the fight turns to "well then go back to work, and we will split the house duties" Except I have worked outside the home and duties were never split. So how come I do all this work and its ok for him to come home and not step up and help out. UGH!!!!!!!! I feel so used and underappreciated!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Thats right folks, I do live! I am still here in cyber space somewhere! Its been a LONG 2009. I know I never came back and reported on Rose's results and Im sure you have all been beating your heads against the screens, screaming "WHy hasnt she told us? We cant sleep til we know!" Good news guys, shes fine. Her tests came back normal. You can now sleep in peace tonight knowing I finally told you shes healthy.

Allen will be 2 VERY soon and we are in denial of that truth.

Faith is in Kindergarten and loving it!

Rose is loving the 3rd grade. We started her on some ADD meds and it has done amazing things for her in school.

I am staying quite busy with childcare to help with finances. I have 4 kids on my roster for now. Another one will be born in just a couple of days! Very excited! I get my baby fix and I still get to sleep at night. And I get paid for it! How cool is that!

We did get 2 kittens for Rose and Faith. They love them. I love them. Charles, not so much. But hes getting use to them. He has is good days and his bad days. But we still have them so it must say something for his patience and love for his family.

All in all life has carried on and not alot of excitement has gone on. Just the usual living with 3 kids and watch tons more action going on.

I will try not to be a stranger. I hope you all have had a great holiday season. Happy New Year may 2010 be the best yet!