Monday, November 3, 2008

Well its Monday again!

UGH! Monday is here! What can I UGH! about? Well lets see... Im exhausted because I am not getting enough sleep at night between a healing husband, sick kids and other odd reasons. Our thermostat is broken and I cant get one til the weekend. Thank God for Georgia autumn weather. Sugar ants have come to drink of the magical water in my sink and my kids are bouncing off the walls like those little bouncy balls you get from the gumball machines. Dang Candy! Do you think the kids would believe that the Great Pumpkin came by and took all their candy away? But all in all I'm doing pretty well. I could sleep for a year if you'd let me. But for some odd reason I am actually enjoying working my behind off taking care of the family. I love being needed and adorned with hugs and kisses and "your my favorite mommy ever." compliments. Who wouldn't. I love being a mom and wife. That is what God called me to be and I enjoy it immensely!

Speaking of mommies, I would like to take a moment to offer up some huge congrats to a fellow blogger MckMomma She gave birth last week to a very healthy little boy, Stellan. What a cutie. You need to read her story about him. What a miracle she has and what a story and testimony she has to tell. I have been praying and following her for a few months now. And I was so glad to see the outcome that God has allowed in their lives. God is awesome and I stand in awe of him in times like these! GOD you rock! MckMomma, Hugs to you and Prince Charming! I love you and your family and you are in my heart and prayers daily! YAY! Stellan! Good job showing the world that science isn't exact and the only truth. Big Mac, McNugget and Small Fry, protect and love your brother everyday. Lots of toe tickles and forehead kisses too! HUGS TO YOU ALL!

Also a quick reminder, if you haven't voted tomorrow is the big day! I voted 2 weeks ago because I knew I would be busy taking care of Charles and the kids. I am nervous about the outcome. I am not getting into political discussion but I really hope my candidate wins. If not I am scared Charles will uproot us and move to Canada. UGH! So go vote tomorrow! If you need more inspiration to go, there are lots of places giving away free food to those who vote so go vote and then go eat! What a deal!

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