Friday, November 21, 2008

little odds and ends

I woke up to my radio alarm this morning to a blaring commercial. And in my half asleep state the one sentence that I heard before slamming the snooze bar was the following "to call your spouse Jeff Gordon press 2!" That was it. And that was enough to get both my hubby and I giggling, err..chuckling (guys dont giggle thats not manly) Now being awake for the past few minutes it has lost its hilarity. But still I wonder what kind of product they were trying to sell? Any ideas? So thats my Odd post.


This is an end because the end could be near for my daughter's school, well atleast for us. The county is apparently trying to re zone for a new school. "And thats a problem?" you ask. Well yes it is actually. Let me explain. I am close to her school now. How close? Like I can leave my driveway, drive to the school, wait in the drop off line and get back home in 10 minutes! That is, in my opinion, very close. So someone tell me why in the world would you rezone familys that are so close to the one school, for a totally different school 15+ minutes away? Someone please explain this to me. The only way I can explain it is if you live on one side of the railroad tracks you go to one school and if you are on the other side you go to the other. Dont get me wrong, Rose's school is very old and a brand new school is an awesome option but I have to handle 3 kids in the mornings who all want their own things at their own times. Charles has to get ready for work and cant take care of the kids. Sometimes I watch a classmate of Rose's in the morning too. So I am having to get 4 kids going in the morning. I dont have time to rush Rose and her friend, drive 15 minutes one way while Charles watches and deals with the other 2 kids. I still have to wait in line to drop her off and then drive back home. And I have to be able to get back home in time for Charles to get to work. My morning is jumping from the minute I wake up until about 9 am before I get a chance to even eat my breakfast. So No I dont agree with this rezoning. So for the first time I am going to a public school board meeting to voice my opposition to this. I am not the kind of person to buck the system so to speak. I am a very passive "whatever" sorta person. This will be out of my character. So wish me luck and pray I dont turn into a huge blob of goo when its my turn. I hate confrontation. So I am nervous. But think it will go well. They dont usually argue with the public so I might be in luck. I have til Dec 8th to come up with my 2 minutes of fame. I am off to type up my speech...well after I get all 4 kids going for school. I am SO late right now. LOL!!!! And yes it is only 630.


Rick said...

They call it "progress." Ain't it a bummer?

Becoming Me said...

aww good luck to you