Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Its been a LOOONNNGGG while

Ok so its been a while since I stopped by my blog. I havent forgotten that I had one. I just got quite busy with life in general. Its like Allen hit a year old and the rest is history. Life just got hectic after that.

Lets see, whats been going on you say? Well it all started with me, Charles and Faith getting UTI's. Then Faith's dr thought it would be good if she went to the childrens hospital for an indepth exam of her urinary tract and all its little happy parts to see if she had bladder reflux. They did an ultrasound and also inserted a catheter and injected dye. Took lots of xrays during this part. We have her meds so she would be loopy and pretty much forget the whole experience. Now if only mommy could have had some of that! We found out a few days later that Megan didnt have reflux but did have double ureters. Which means she has to tubes on her kidney going to her bladder instead of one. So we are set to go back and do the scans all over again I think. And see what the urologist wants to do about it. Hopefully they will want to just watch her and see how she is in the future. If it starts to be a problem then she may have to have one of them removed. That is nerve wracking!!!

Next is Rose. She has been complaining lately of not being able to breathe through her mouth. And of her chest hurting at times and also her stomach. A couple of times she has mentioned her heart beating fast. So she is set to go to the Cardiologist to double check and make sure all is well with her. Sounds like maybe she has a heart murmur and its acting up. I have one and I have similar symptoms when mine acts up. So more to follow about that one.

Allen is teething. All 4 of his k-9 teeth at one time. And he is none to happy about it at the moment. He isnt sleeping well. I dont think he has slept through the night in a couple of weeks. He is very clingy. Allen has always been a mama's boy but Allen is especially clingy these past couple of weeks. Not sure what exactly is going on with him but I know hes not sick. So thats a good sign.

So thats the lastest on my children. Now for the rest of my family...

Charles' grandmother suffered with cancer and is now feeling great in the arms of God. The place she strived for her whole life here on earth. She deserves it! I hope shes telling God good things about us here on Earth. We miss her lots. We dont cry for her so much as we cry for the ones left behind and the ones who miss her terribly. God is the great comforter and I know he will bless this family.

Charles' brother in law is on week 11 I think of no job. The economy really needs to pick up. But I think God is using this time as a blessing to the family because Charles' sister is having kidney troubles too! I think her and Faith just need to move in to a special room at the kidney hospital and be room buddies! LOL!!! But she is set to have surgery to remove a very stubborn kidney stone. The pain that has been involved just makes my heart ache for her. I cant wait til its all over for her and she can feel somewhat normal again.

Charles is having a hard time at work. Very stressful and he feels like hes not accomplishing much out of it. I try my best to make him feel better but lately it has had little to no effect. I think depression is starting to set in and it worries me. Its very hard to handle him situations like this. So pray for him.

Some good news though! I am now the Sunday School Director at church for the preschool hall. Love it! Would love it more if the Childrens Director would let go of the reins a bit more and let me do more. She has a hard time letting go of control. I understand that. So until she is comfortable I just sit back and let her jump in when ever she feels she needs to. Makes my job easier but then I feel like I am not doing as much. But in time it will all change. I am enjoying the time I get to spend with all the kids at church and getting to know them more. Instead of just a few kids I get to know and learn about all of them. COOL HUH?! Love it!!!

So thats kinda it for now. I am staying busy with my kids. Babysitting parttime for some older kids. Hoping to get some more soon.

I will try to write more often as things and time allow me to. Happy Spring!