Friday, November 28, 2008

Virgin no more....Get your head out of the gutter!!!

I did it! My first time ever!!! I went shopping on Black Friday. Woke up this morning at 330. My friend and I went shopping at some of the big stores. The crowds were huge but not bad. As long as you werent going to buy the big electronic stuff like tv's and computers. Another first for me was my first trip to Starbucks. Ok now pick your jaws up off the floor, thats rude! A fly might fly in. Yes my first time and yes it was wonderful! I got some kind of Cappichino that tasted like a hot liquid thin mint. Gotta luv the holidays! I am hoping to do it again next year. I hope to be able to buy more next year. Next weekend our first real christmas tree as a married couple/family. I love all these firsts!!!!!

And yes im still an....

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Megan said...

did you get a peppermint mocha?!?!

they are INCREDIBLE!!!!

i make lattes at home all the time, so the lure to pay $5 for one is pretty low for me- but i HAVE to get peppermint mochas during the christmas season!!! the syrup is patented, so you can't make it at home!! so good!