Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just and off moment

Well I am finally sitting down for the first time all day and its 8 pm. I have been up and going for 12 hours straight. From Church to home, make lunch, run to the store, pick up the kids from home to go to a birthday party. Go to birthday party, help out anyway possible, go back to church come home , put kids to bed and finally eat dinner. LOL! So I am very ready to go to bed.

But I need to gripe a second. I have a condition called PMDD. For those who dont know what it is, its sever PMS and it really does a number on my marriage and family. It really tears me up sometimes. So I take some great medication that helps me alot. You would never know I had it. Well I went today to pick up my prescription and they said that the insurance company wouldnt pay for it until the 28th. WHAT???? Its not like I am getting the pills every 2 weeks. I looked at my last bottle and the fill date is oct 12. Today is november 23rd. So over a month. Why the heck would they make me wait. This is the worst time to tell me I have wait a week before I can the medication. I cant afford to buy it from the pharmacy. I have been off the pills for 3 days and have noticed a huge difference in just a few days. I am so cranky. I was so mad when I had to drive to the pharmacy wait 15 minutes for them to open back up from lunch and then wait in line only to be told I wont be getting relief. See? cranky! My kids are driving me batty! I love them dearly but Faith loves to ask me 20 questions every hour on the hour. Usually I can handle it but right now I cant stand to listen to MOMMY? every few seconds for 15 minutes straight. I am so annoyed! My poor friend is scared to pick me up Friday for early Christmas shopping. Theres no telling what will happen if someone breaks in line or tries to take the toy I am trying to get. PRAY FOR ME!!!!

Well I am off to relax. Just had to warn you all that I am bound to be cranky in my posts this week. So just turn a blind eye to me pls. And Happy Thanksgiving!

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Gwendolyn said...

Call me later if you need to! You can vent while I clean. LOL