Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The sun will come out tomorrow!

Well the rain as cleared out finally! I was getting depressed just looking at it. The sun is out this morning, I have a new pumpkin pie waiting for me, and I have my medicine running through my veins. All is (almost) right with the world. So nice!

My girls came in to greet me this morning in bed. With them they had 2 cards. Apparently they notice when mommy isnt happy. Rose says " I made this for you incase you are still mad today." :) Gotta love her! She drew a picture of her and I. With hearts going from me to her and some from her to me. So sweet. She really has a sweet and loving heart. And Faith brought me a card where she drew a baby spider and said "This is a baby spider. I dont want you to kill baby spiders because their so cute" Rose pipes up and says " But baby spiders grow up to be big scary spiders" And I said " Well when they grow up really big then we will squish them" They both agreed on that compromise. How nice this day is starting. Cards in bed, the girls compromising. How much better can it get. Well then Faith brought me a stuffed duck with a big behind and malfunctioning neck. His head just bobbled everywhere. Reminded me of Bill Cosby describing his first born at birth. Then Faith decided that wasnt enough. Then she brought me Winnie the Pooh and a white teddy bear with brown toes and paws pads. His name is Joey. I named him over 10 years ago when Charles got him for me for graduating high school. We had just met like a a week or so prior to that day. And already he was head over heals in love. Took me a few more days but I got there! I kinda consider him my highschool sweet heart . Sorta. Well anyways enough of that. Like I was saying, before the train derailment, I was being spoiled and smuthered with cards and stuffed animals. Then we were trying to name the malfunctioning duck. At first Faith said Zac! I said " Yes! Zack the quack!" She decided that just would not do so she wanted a new name for him. She then apparently decided the duck was no longer a boy duck but a girl duck. So we settled on Magic the duck. I think that is nice but I think it needs magic to fix that neck of his...er... hers. I can never keep this stuff straight. My kids change things on me every other minute. First its a boy, then its agirl. First its Zack no its Magic. No wonder im so dizzy all the time!

Also I am reading the book the Shack. Have you read this? Well the first 6 chapters are so hard to read because its so saddening. It just tears your heart out but it is worth it to get the next part of the book. My favorite part so far is how Mack, the main character, is laying on a dock with Jesus looking at the stars. Watching shooting stars and talking about them. And in the book Jesus says "Wow thats awesome!" ?????????? Jesus said Awesome? Well ok Jesus can say anything hes Jesus! But I never imagined him to be "Cool" like that. But really wouldnt be really neat to hang out with him like friends and laugh and joke and have a good time. Have you ever thought of him like that? I never have. I have always imagined him so much more matter of fact kind of a man. Kinda dry. You know what I mean? Anyways this book is really great in showing God in a whole new way. How neat. It makes me want to achieve a relationship like that. Now I know the book is fiction and God isnt going to bake me pie and watch the shooting stars with me but I think if I could see him in that light it would do wonders for our relationship. I cant wait to read more and see what "Papa" has to say. But first! Pumpkin Pie!

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