Thursday, October 23, 2008


GAS IS SO CHEAP....compared to what it was 2 weeks ago. We went through a gas shortage several weeks back and gas was over $4 a gallon. Which for a full tank for our van equals over $60! That's a lot of money for one fill up. Well yesterday my hubby came home and showed this to me...

Wouldn't you about faint!!!! I almost did except I was in the middle of making dinner and if I fainted no one would eat so I stopped myself. So I say to gas "keep going down baby!"

Also my sweet Faith has informed me " Mom I want to be 3 again."

"Um? Don't you want to be 4 anymore?"


That's where she lost me. Is she saying yes she wants to be 4 or yes she doesn't want to be 4 anymore. She always answers questions weirdly. So I am not sure. But now I have to build a time machine to appease my 4 year old who wants to be 3. So off I go, now wheres that screwdriver.....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

When I try to blog and Allen is near I find it very hard to accomplish the task. And here is why!

So I decided to let him have is own Keyboard so I could be free to blog. Lets see if this pleases him?


Monday, October 20, 2008

UGH! Monday~Whats wrong with me?

I have been so tired lately! I am begging for a nap by 2:00 pm every afternoon. And when Rose reads to me I am trying not to snore. Nothing against her reading, its just that Im so blasted sleepy all the time! My house is a wreck because I have no energy to clean it. If I start to clean I have to stop and rest because I feel worn out. I also use to have a memory like an elephant. But that is long gone since Allen has come into our lives. I have forgotten to pay bills, make phone calls and other things that are to embarrassing to mention. Alot of this started when I was pregnant with my lil guy. It has yet to go away but to actually get worse. Plus I gained 6 lbs in month after maintain my weight for months. So I went to the Dr. Office yesterday and they are testing my thyroid. They ruled out infection and Anemia. So now its onto other options. They gave me a shot in my tush(what fascination does this office have with sticking people in the behinds with needles?!)of B12. It seems to be helping as little today. I got up and made eggs for my hubby for breakfast instead of his usual PB&J Sandwich. I made him coffee. After getting Rose of to school and Allen fed, Charles off to work I cleaned off the kitchen desk and even bathed Houdini..err.. Bandit. Now he is laying on the couch sleeping and shivering from his bath. I told him if he would stop coming in covered in mud he wouldnt have to go through this but does he listen? NOPE! I dont feel pity for him anymore. So I have accomplished alot so far today. I am a little sleepy but a bit more awake then I use to be. The Dr. said to go back to taking my prenatals again so back on them I am. I should know in a week about my thyroid. Also I am allergic to marriage. Well my wedding rings atleast. For years I have had to take them off periodically because my skin gets red, itchy, cracked. Even bleeding sometimes. And I just keep trying to wear them but I am allergic to the metal in the rings. So what do I do? I dont want to spend a bunch of money on a platinum ring if it will react the same way. Oh well I guess I will have to just tattoo my hubby's name on my finger instead. LOL!! J/K you think I would let someone near my boney finger with a needle and permenant ink? Im crazy but not THAT crazy. I will have to keep you updated on what happens. It will either be my thyroid, extreme laziness or another baby! J/K My tubes are tied. No more babies. Unless God decides otherwise.

Oh and on a side note...I found out that 520 is not a police code here in georgia but there is a code 5 and 20 so together it would be 5-a bomb threat vs. 20- a vicious animal. I am sure theres a joke in there somewhere. Post one! I want to know what kind of jokes you could make about this one!

Happy UGH! Monday!

Friday, October 17, 2008

TGIF and that means...

Digiorno and Nesquik night! I refuse to cook on Friday nights after making everyones meals all week long. That includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I look forward to Friday nights. It is my favorite time of week. Its the thought that I have 2 days ahead of me that are going to be spent with my husband, whom I miss terribly during the week. Yes he comes home but by the time we have dinner and get the kids to bed I am to tired to do anything but walk to bed. So to wake up beside Charles in the morning and know that he isnt rushing around to get ready makes me happy. But sadly the weekends go by to fast. I am not sure if I am the only one who feels this way but I feel like my day doesnt begin until my husband is home with me. Which inturn means it doesnt start til around 7pm every evening. I have been married to Charles almost 9 years and still feel dead with out him home with me. He is my other part. We truly are one. And next month we will celebrate another wonderful year of marriage. I so hope that we have many decades left together. So Cheers to you and happy Pizza and Chocolate milk Friday!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today I shall discuss Rose....again!

This is Rose's week is it not? Yesterday she met with our Pastor to discuss "Joining God's Team" And while she was talking to him the subject came to death and he mentioned the cemetary down the road from our church. And she asked "you mean the place with dead people in the ground and stones with their names on it and rip on it?" She didnt spell RIP. No she said rip. Like if you rip the paper. Charles and I tried to keep our selves contained but tears were rolling down my cheeks. We were about to blow up in laughter. Its so cute how young children see things. She doesnt understand that its Rest In Peace or R.I.P. No she thinks that when you die your stone says rip. LOL!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sweet Smelly Rose

I do love my sweet Rose but she sure can be smelly sometimes. The other day she walks up to me and starts talking. She is standing beside the couch and the dog behind her. Then with no warning she lets one rip! Like hard! Right in Houdini's face! Poor pup! A minute later hes over there licking his paws and washing his face! LOL!!! I felt so bad for him. I am sure some of his whiskers got singed. Then yesterday Rose walks up to me and announces "everyone cover their noses!" and I said cover what? Why? Then she makes a face and pushes another one out! About took out the wall behind her. What grace my little Rose shows! What is it about her, in this moment in her life? This gassy phase she is experiencing. I hope very much that its a short phase. Because as soon as she is done you know Faith will start hers. Because she wants be just like her Sweet Smelly Rose. Lord save me! Then theres Allen and hes BOY!!!!!! Mommy!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Thats a great name for another blogger special. UGH MONDAYS! I think its a great idea. But anyways... its Monday. ICK! I dont like Mondays. Its the beginning of a week full of exhaustion. Allen must be working tooth number 8 because he keeps waking up before 6 AM. He goes back to bed of course, but only after making sure I was to awake to fall back asleep in enough time to get back up again and get Rose ready for school. So I am awake from 530 till midnight for several days in a row. I have decided that we should have a code for mommy exhaustion. To excuse us from doing stupid, sleep deprived things we use the code 520! Like a police code. I wonder if they have a code for 520. I should ask my cop friend. I will let you know if I find anything out. My SIL and her honey came by and visited and I kept sounding like a crazy person out of touch with reality. And having numerous outbursts of nonsense. Well it was totally understandable in my mind. But not to anyone else. So every time I had a mommy moment I would say 520!! meaning I had been up since 520 and it was closing in on 1100 pm! They just laughed at me. Now is that nice of them? No I dont think so! Oh well. Maybe they are just slap happy like me. Today I wanted to blog about something neat, funny or wise but all I can come up with is mommy code 520. Oh well! Heres a picture of my little Allen who is the one responsible for the new code! How can you be mad at that??? Sorry for all my rambling. Happy UGH, Monday!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Slow Down Please

I know most moms who are very proud of their children and love to share with others the amazing feats that their children perform. Mostly this is found in moms with children under the age of one. I am one of those moms of course! But since we are going through this baby phase one last time I am in no hurry to see my little Allen grow up so fast. Allen on the other hand has other plans! Just in the past 2 1/2 weeks he has cut 5 teeth (bringing the total count to 7) and as of yesterday is now army crawling around my living room floor. Whats wrong with that you ask? Nothing if you want your child to grow up and leave one day. But Allen is my last baby and he wont slow down! I keep telling him NO! And he keeps looking back at me, smiling and goes back to scooting for toys out of his reach. My husband is excited that all this is happening. But I am in denial that it is happening. Is that wrong of me? I mean come on! I am going to blink and he will be coming home with an application for the Army! I guess I should just embrace reality for what it is and encourage my son to take on the world as he sees fit. And let him know I am 100% behind him. Even if I dont like it. Now my challenge is to explain to him that most babies sit up unassisted before they become mobile. *SIGH*

Thursday, October 9, 2008

You aint nothin' but a hound dog!

Below I posted a picture of our Dog Bandit. We think that his name should be Houdini! The dog is a magician of sorts. We adopted him around Mother's Day this year. He was a rescue dog. His owner died and he was homeless so after a year of passing him around we finally came to live with us. Sweet dog! Love him dearly! Loves to have his belly rubbed. Loves attention. Great lap dog. A little big for your lap but he doesnt notice that part. He is very affectionate and loves attention. He also suffers from Seperation Anxiety. Whats that? Its when you leave him alone in the house for like 5 minutes and he rearranges it for you. He have a gate in our living room that keeps kids and pets alike out of the kitchen. It has fabric walls that are velcroed around the metal skeleton of the gate. Well Bandit was great the first few months. But then he learned how to pull the fabric down on the gate and get in the kitchen. And what do you think he goes for? Trash can, yes but what else??? Did you guess loaves of bread? You didnt? Well why not? Dont you know that dogs love to claw holes in bags of bread and eat chunks of bread? You didnt? Well now you know! So he has dug through endless bags of bread, buns included. This will actually come in handy later. So we tried everything to get him to stop. We even safety pinned the fabric on. He just tore it down and left holes! Thanks Bandit! Then we left him outside while we were gone. Well that didnt work. He dug holes and escaped and was waiting for us on the front porch when we arrived back home. We filled up the holes and placed bricks on top. HE MOVED THE BRICKS!!! Then preceeded to dig the filling out and escape again. My own lil pokey the little puppy. I loved the book as a child but this is ridiculous! On one occasion when he decided to come back through the hole his leg got caught on the fence and left a small hole in his leg. Do you think that stopped him? NOPE! he escaped the next day. Injured leg and all. Now we look like hillbillies with the tops to our kids sandbox and pool tucked under the holes. He hasnt escaped yet. And well with his injured leg he had to go to the vet. Which they charged me $70 for them to say "yes its a hole, shave his leg, add some ointment and heres some antibiotics and pain pills. have a nice day!" Ok I could have done that and saved $70! So now its time for me to pull a trick or two of my own. How to get a dog to take his meds. I tried hotdog, he kept finding the pill and spitting it out. So remember the bags of bread? YEP! I used slices of bread to get his pills down. And let me tell you, the show began when it was medicine time. The girls loved to watch as the dog did giant leaps into the air for his bread! Yes injured leg and all. Boy those pain pills must have worked great! He was a show dog! It was great! Is this the end of my story ...of course not. That would be no fun. So we decided to pin him up in a crate since nothing seems to work and I am losing dishes left and right thanks to his hound dog nose. So we got a crate. The big metal kind with a tray that slides out. We leave for church Sunday morning and come back and hes on the couch. The door to the crate is still closed and locked, the fabric from the gate is on the floor and hes laying on our couch!!!! The tray of the crate is on the kitchen floor. We figured we didnt lock it well enough and he escaped out the bottom part of the door that was unlocked but very hard for me to pull back. He is very strong to have gotten out of that. So we tried again that night. Locked it really well. Woke up that morning, hes on the couch.. AGAIN!!!!! So I fixed the gate, again, and checked the crate. the door was firmly closed and locked but the tray is out and the bottom bar of the cage is bent upward just slightly. It was probably a 2 inch opening. How in the world did that dog get out of a 2 inch hole? So this time I took Houdini's cage and and used plastic ties to tie the tray access door closed on the crate, which means if he makes a mess I get to climb in the cage to clean it. Anyone since a "yardbutt" coming on. I guess you would call it a "cratebutt" So anyways, I wake up yesterday morning and 2 of the 3 ties are snapped off! Oh heavens! What am I to do? The last tie will surely not hold up to his eagerness to escape. Well to add more to our already proud hillbilly image, I took black electric tape and wrapped around the tray access door to the crate. And this morning it was still intact! Theres hope! Or maybe hes tired of playing the escape game, or maybe hes just playing games with us. Wants us to drop our guard or tease us with the thought of obedience and then when our guard is down he springs into action and takes out the trash can. Anyway he was still in his crate today but left me a wonderful surprise! So the above mentioned "cratebutt" came to be. UGH! Will I ever get Houdini on my side???? Only time will tell!

Wordless Wednesday

I know its a day late but I dont want to be left out! LOL!!!
Here's our sweet Houdini dog. His name is Bandit. Though we are thinking of changing his name.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Vacation, I need a vacation

I am sitting here going through my emails and was sent the link to Candice Cameron-Bure's website here. And there is this awesome contest that I think all of us moms could find very appealing! So stop by and see what it is!

So I said I needed a vacation. Why? Well first of all it I havent had a real vacation since my honeymoon 9 years ago almost! I have been a Stay at home mom for 7 years and with out much of a break. We only have one car which means I am a true STAY AT HOME mom!!!! I never get to leave unless there are errands to run, like doctors visits or bills to pay or groceries to wrangle! I havent seen a beach in 13 years! I havent been able to lay beside a pool and close my eyes in over 10 years! I have been sucked in to the everday life and havent been outside of it much. And this contest sounds dreamy! Just a day! Thats all I ask! Just one day to lay beside a pool with out having to chase my 3 children. To swim with out having to carry my kids with me. To sleep in til 8 am! To eat a meal with out cutting up someone elses food and wiping mouths and picking up food off the floor that was flung there by a child. I love my job as mom. I wouldnt change it for the world but to have a true break for 24 hours sounds dreamy! I know the vacation is longer then 24 hours but thats all I am asking for 24 hours! Then you can throw me off the boat! : ) Just to have a chance to write a post on my blog with out having to stop 3 times to attend to my babes. To write this without answering 200 questions and demands. And to be able to drag my friend along with me for a vacation of sun sounds like so much fun! And how awesoe would be to meet Candace! I really enjoyed her in Full House. I love her and her brother Kirk. Who's website is here. I love the fact that they love and praise God. I love that they are not ashamed to share that with us. They have gone against the grain of Hollywood and for that I admire them. I know I may not win the vacation contest but cant win if you dont play! And atleast it gave me a chance to share their websites with you. And just to think in my mind for one moment of laying beside a pool by myself is enough to keep me going this morning! Thanks Candice!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Its that time again. Time to hear some more Famous Faith quotes!

This morning while cleaning in my kitchen she said "momma I want to go unfooted" I had no clue what she meant by unfooted. The meer thought of anyone unfooted is very unsettling. I dont want see my lil one with no feet. Wouldnt be weird to just take her feet off and put them back on? So I asked her what that meant. She said "you know like when you take your shoes off" "Oh! you mean barefooted?" "Yeah barefooted, can I go barefooted?" "Sure why not" Then she says" can I go outside?" I said no and she asked me why and I said" because your unfooted"

Later on this morning we were sitting on the couch and I started tickling her. And she was squealing and having a good time. Then she said "Happy Mercy oh great one" Now to understand this one you must know the history. My father taught me this one. After his tickle tortures, I would have to say 'Have mercy on me oh great one' to get him to stop. So as any great parent I passed it on to my children. Rose knows it quite well. So well that when she sees the "tickle spider" she yells "HAVE MERCY ON ME OH GREAT ONE!!!" Before the tickle spider even touches her. In my opinion thats not fair! And so Faith who is 4 and cant speak as clearly has modified the phrase to "Happy Mercy oh great one" Cute no?

So that is another dose of Faith-izims. Have a great Thursday. dont forget to watch the VP Debates tonight!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ms. Susie Sunshine

That's me! Or so my hubby calls me. Not sure if you read about Sam, but my husband thinks I am crazy for defending a spider. What? He was a cute spider and he wasnt hurting anyone. By the way he hasnt come back. So anyways, apparently all of God's creatures are trying to plead their case with me. Or I am just turning into a huge softie. You see, lately since the weather is cooler I am leaving the back door open for air. But we have no screen door so its just wide open for the world. I am always scared a bird is going to fly in my house! Whats worse then that? A WASP! Those things have stingers! I dont like stingy bugs. Infact I could safely say stingy things are my phobia. So yesterday morning I thought I would open my curtains and let the morning sunshine in. Well low and behold there is a red wasp on my window, ON THE INSIDE!!!!! Ok! I almost wet my pants! Grown woman who almost peed on herself. What a great role model for my 4yr old. So I get the fly swatter and I am aiming to smash it. Well that didnt compute well. What if I missed? Now its an angry stingy bug, with a happy stingy thing! Not a bet I was willing to place. So I tried for 10 minutes to get him to crawl around on the sliding glass door but on the outside of it so when I close the door hes outside! It took me a while but I got it! He was free to scare some other unsuspecting stingy phobia person. Then last night, while watching Iron Man with my hubby, I see a huge Palmetto bug on my wall above the sliding back door! Sorry Gwendolyn! Forgive me for this! I told my hubby to get him. He said he was to tired and would get it in a few minutes. Apparently we forgot about him. UH OH! So this morning Faith comes in our room, before the alarm goes off mind you, and says theres a wasp in her bathroom. Rose says no its not a wasp. I knew instantly what it was. So I got up and looked and sure enough laying there on its back was the palmetto beast of death or so my SIL believes. So heres the part where my SIL will disown me as family and friend.. I scoop the poor pitiful bug into an empty water bottle and released him outside so that he can make his way to my SIL's house in his search for a Tigger blanket to snuggle up to! I have now defended and saved from imenant death 2 bugs in a 24 hour period. Charles just doesnt understand whats wrong with me. He says I am turning into lil Ms. Susie Sunshine. LOL! I have no explanation for it. I just dont feel the need to kill a bug if its not going to eat me. Atleast lately. Though to redeem myself I did kill a mean lil black spider on my wall the other night. All while holding my lil Allen in my other arm. See? I can multi-task! GO ME!!! Oh crud!! you know what I just realized??? Its Wordless Wednesday. OOPS!! I fail!!!! Oh well heres a picture for you to enjoy:
I call it "Daddy Pyramid"
Faith, Rose and Charles