Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ms. Susie Sunshine

That's me! Or so my hubby calls me. Not sure if you read about Sam, but my husband thinks I am crazy for defending a spider. What? He was a cute spider and he wasnt hurting anyone. By the way he hasnt come back. So anyways, apparently all of God's creatures are trying to plead their case with me. Or I am just turning into a huge softie. You see, lately since the weather is cooler I am leaving the back door open for air. But we have no screen door so its just wide open for the world. I am always scared a bird is going to fly in my house! Whats worse then that? A WASP! Those things have stingers! I dont like stingy bugs. Infact I could safely say stingy things are my phobia. So yesterday morning I thought I would open my curtains and let the morning sunshine in. Well low and behold there is a red wasp on my window, ON THE INSIDE!!!!! Ok! I almost wet my pants! Grown woman who almost peed on herself. What a great role model for my 4yr old. So I get the fly swatter and I am aiming to smash it. Well that didnt compute well. What if I missed? Now its an angry stingy bug, with a happy stingy thing! Not a bet I was willing to place. So I tried for 10 minutes to get him to crawl around on the sliding glass door but on the outside of it so when I close the door hes outside! It took me a while but I got it! He was free to scare some other unsuspecting stingy phobia person. Then last night, while watching Iron Man with my hubby, I see a huge Palmetto bug on my wall above the sliding back door! Sorry Gwendolyn! Forgive me for this! I told my hubby to get him. He said he was to tired and would get it in a few minutes. Apparently we forgot about him. UH OH! So this morning Faith comes in our room, before the alarm goes off mind you, and says theres a wasp in her bathroom. Rose says no its not a wasp. I knew instantly what it was. So I got up and looked and sure enough laying there on its back was the palmetto beast of death or so my SIL believes. So heres the part where my SIL will disown me as family and friend.. I scoop the poor pitiful bug into an empty water bottle and released him outside so that he can make his way to my SIL's house in his search for a Tigger blanket to snuggle up to! I have now defended and saved from imenant death 2 bugs in a 24 hour period. Charles just doesnt understand whats wrong with me. He says I am turning into lil Ms. Susie Sunshine. LOL! I have no explanation for it. I just dont feel the need to kill a bug if its not going to eat me. Atleast lately. Though to redeem myself I did kill a mean lil black spider on my wall the other night. All while holding my lil Allen in my other arm. See? I can multi-task! GO ME!!! Oh crud!! you know what I just realized??? Its Wordless Wednesday. OOPS!! I fail!!!! Oh well heres a picture for you to enjoy:
I call it "Daddy Pyramid"
Faith, Rose and Charles

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Gwendolyn said...

If a palmetto bug shows up at my house, I am blaming YOU! LOL

And for the record...NOT killing a gigantic flying roach bug is a sure sign of insanity.