Monday, October 13, 2008


Thats a great name for another blogger special. UGH MONDAYS! I think its a great idea. But anyways... its Monday. ICK! I dont like Mondays. Its the beginning of a week full of exhaustion. Allen must be working tooth number 8 because he keeps waking up before 6 AM. He goes back to bed of course, but only after making sure I was to awake to fall back asleep in enough time to get back up again and get Rose ready for school. So I am awake from 530 till midnight for several days in a row. I have decided that we should have a code for mommy exhaustion. To excuse us from doing stupid, sleep deprived things we use the code 520! Like a police code. I wonder if they have a code for 520. I should ask my cop friend. I will let you know if I find anything out. My SIL and her honey came by and visited and I kept sounding like a crazy person out of touch with reality. And having numerous outbursts of nonsense. Well it was totally understandable in my mind. But not to anyone else. So every time I had a mommy moment I would say 520!! meaning I had been up since 520 and it was closing in on 1100 pm! They just laughed at me. Now is that nice of them? No I dont think so! Oh well. Maybe they are just slap happy like me. Today I wanted to blog about something neat, funny or wise but all I can come up with is mommy code 520. Oh well! Heres a picture of my little Allen who is the one responsible for the new code! How can you be mad at that??? Sorry for all my rambling. Happy UGH, Monday!

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Manda said...

You're amusing. Hence why we laughed.

Hey....we laughed at my dear brother, too!! And let's not forget everyone laughing at me after the Dr. Pepper incident. :p