Monday, October 20, 2008

UGH! Monday~Whats wrong with me?

I have been so tired lately! I am begging for a nap by 2:00 pm every afternoon. And when Rose reads to me I am trying not to snore. Nothing against her reading, its just that Im so blasted sleepy all the time! My house is a wreck because I have no energy to clean it. If I start to clean I have to stop and rest because I feel worn out. I also use to have a memory like an elephant. But that is long gone since Allen has come into our lives. I have forgotten to pay bills, make phone calls and other things that are to embarrassing to mention. Alot of this started when I was pregnant with my lil guy. It has yet to go away but to actually get worse. Plus I gained 6 lbs in month after maintain my weight for months. So I went to the Dr. Office yesterday and they are testing my thyroid. They ruled out infection and Anemia. So now its onto other options. They gave me a shot in my tush(what fascination does this office have with sticking people in the behinds with needles?!)of B12. It seems to be helping as little today. I got up and made eggs for my hubby for breakfast instead of his usual PB&J Sandwich. I made him coffee. After getting Rose of to school and Allen fed, Charles off to work I cleaned off the kitchen desk and even bathed Houdini..err.. Bandit. Now he is laying on the couch sleeping and shivering from his bath. I told him if he would stop coming in covered in mud he wouldnt have to go through this but does he listen? NOPE! I dont feel pity for him anymore. So I have accomplished alot so far today. I am a little sleepy but a bit more awake then I use to be. The Dr. said to go back to taking my prenatals again so back on them I am. I should know in a week about my thyroid. Also I am allergic to marriage. Well my wedding rings atleast. For years I have had to take them off periodically because my skin gets red, itchy, cracked. Even bleeding sometimes. And I just keep trying to wear them but I am allergic to the metal in the rings. So what do I do? I dont want to spend a bunch of money on a platinum ring if it will react the same way. Oh well I guess I will have to just tattoo my hubby's name on my finger instead. LOL!! J/K you think I would let someone near my boney finger with a needle and permenant ink? Im crazy but not THAT crazy. I will have to keep you updated on what happens. It will either be my thyroid, extreme laziness or another baby! J/K My tubes are tied. No more babies. Unless God decides otherwise.

Oh and on a side note...I found out that 520 is not a police code here in georgia but there is a code 5 and 20 so together it would be 5-a bomb threat vs. 20- a vicious animal. I am sure theres a joke in there somewhere. Post one! I want to know what kind of jokes you could make about this one!

Happy UGH! Monday!

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