Friday, October 3, 2008

Vacation, I need a vacation

I am sitting here going through my emails and was sent the link to Candice Cameron-Bure's website here. And there is this awesome contest that I think all of us moms could find very appealing! So stop by and see what it is!

So I said I needed a vacation. Why? Well first of all it I havent had a real vacation since my honeymoon 9 years ago almost! I have been a Stay at home mom for 7 years and with out much of a break. We only have one car which means I am a true STAY AT HOME mom!!!! I never get to leave unless there are errands to run, like doctors visits or bills to pay or groceries to wrangle! I havent seen a beach in 13 years! I havent been able to lay beside a pool and close my eyes in over 10 years! I have been sucked in to the everday life and havent been outside of it much. And this contest sounds dreamy! Just a day! Thats all I ask! Just one day to lay beside a pool with out having to chase my 3 children. To swim with out having to carry my kids with me. To sleep in til 8 am! To eat a meal with out cutting up someone elses food and wiping mouths and picking up food off the floor that was flung there by a child. I love my job as mom. I wouldnt change it for the world but to have a true break for 24 hours sounds dreamy! I know the vacation is longer then 24 hours but thats all I am asking for 24 hours! Then you can throw me off the boat! : ) Just to have a chance to write a post on my blog with out having to stop 3 times to attend to my babes. To write this without answering 200 questions and demands. And to be able to drag my friend along with me for a vacation of sun sounds like so much fun! And how awesoe would be to meet Candace! I really enjoyed her in Full House. I love her and her brother Kirk. Who's website is here. I love the fact that they love and praise God. I love that they are not ashamed to share that with us. They have gone against the grain of Hollywood and for that I admire them. I know I may not win the vacation contest but cant win if you dont play! And atleast it gave me a chance to share their websites with you. And just to think in my mind for one moment of laying beside a pool by myself is enough to keep me going this morning! Thanks Candice!

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