Thursday, October 2, 2008


Its that time again. Time to hear some more Famous Faith quotes!

This morning while cleaning in my kitchen she said "momma I want to go unfooted" I had no clue what she meant by unfooted. The meer thought of anyone unfooted is very unsettling. I dont want see my lil one with no feet. Wouldnt be weird to just take her feet off and put them back on? So I asked her what that meant. She said "you know like when you take your shoes off" "Oh! you mean barefooted?" "Yeah barefooted, can I go barefooted?" "Sure why not" Then she says" can I go outside?" I said no and she asked me why and I said" because your unfooted"

Later on this morning we were sitting on the couch and I started tickling her. And she was squealing and having a good time. Then she said "Happy Mercy oh great one" Now to understand this one you must know the history. My father taught me this one. After his tickle tortures, I would have to say 'Have mercy on me oh great one' to get him to stop. So as any great parent I passed it on to my children. Rose knows it quite well. So well that when she sees the "tickle spider" she yells "HAVE MERCY ON ME OH GREAT ONE!!!" Before the tickle spider even touches her. In my opinion thats not fair! And so Faith who is 4 and cant speak as clearly has modified the phrase to "Happy Mercy oh great one" Cute no?

So that is another dose of Faith-izims. Have a great Thursday. dont forget to watch the VP Debates tonight!

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Manda said...

I love the Faith-isms. :)