Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sweet Smelly Rose

I do love my sweet Rose but she sure can be smelly sometimes. The other day she walks up to me and starts talking. She is standing beside the couch and the dog behind her. Then with no warning she lets one rip! Like hard! Right in Houdini's face! Poor pup! A minute later hes over there licking his paws and washing his face! LOL!!! I felt so bad for him. I am sure some of his whiskers got singed. Then yesterday Rose walks up to me and announces "everyone cover their noses!" and I said cover what? Why? Then she makes a face and pushes another one out! About took out the wall behind her. What grace my little Rose shows! What is it about her, in this moment in her life? This gassy phase she is experiencing. I hope very much that its a short phase. Because as soon as she is done you know Faith will start hers. Because she wants be just like her Sweet Smelly Rose. Lord save me! Then theres Allen and hes BOY!!!!!! Mommy!

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