Friday, October 10, 2008

Slow Down Please

I know most moms who are very proud of their children and love to share with others the amazing feats that their children perform. Mostly this is found in moms with children under the age of one. I am one of those moms of course! But since we are going through this baby phase one last time I am in no hurry to see my little Allen grow up so fast. Allen on the other hand has other plans! Just in the past 2 1/2 weeks he has cut 5 teeth (bringing the total count to 7) and as of yesterday is now army crawling around my living room floor. Whats wrong with that you ask? Nothing if you want your child to grow up and leave one day. But Allen is my last baby and he wont slow down! I keep telling him NO! And he keeps looking back at me, smiling and goes back to scooting for toys out of his reach. My husband is excited that all this is happening. But I am in denial that it is happening. Is that wrong of me? I mean come on! I am going to blink and he will be coming home with an application for the Army! I guess I should just embrace reality for what it is and encourage my son to take on the world as he sees fit. And let him know I am 100% behind him. Even if I dont like it. Now my challenge is to explain to him that most babies sit up unassisted before they become mobile. *SIGH*

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