Monday, September 22, 2008


Before I explain I must take this moment to remind you of the name of my blog "Tales of the CRAZIES" So now that I have done that I can continue on with my post.

Sam is gone :( Who is Sam you ask? Why he is our own personal pet writing spider that had taken residence on a bush in front of our porch. He was so cool to watch. The kids loved him. They even named him Sam. Charles kept begging for permission to kill him. But I said no. He wasnt hurting anyone. Sam wasn't a poisonous spider and no threat to us. Plus he ate bugs. Which in my opinion was a great reason to keep him. Each bug he ate was one less bug that would end up in our home. So I considered him my guard spider. We have a dog but all he does is destroy my kitchen night after night. Well anyways we went to church yesterday morning and Faith said "Oh no! Sam is gone!" and sure enough his crafty web was empty. I sorta missed the little guy. Sickening I know! But he became part of the family. Plus the peril that awaited us by all the bugs allowed to get close to the house was almost to much for me to handle. Well this morning I was going to take Rose to school and as I was about to walk out the door my ever observant spider searcher Faith said "Mommy SPIDER!!!" Sure enough hanging on our door way was SAM! Ok now I said I liked him. But I didnt want him to like us THAT much! I told my husband while I defended Sam and saved him from certain death that he was on the bush and not harming anyone. If he was in the house or something that would be different. Well its now different. He was hanging on my door way and I almost came eye to eye with him and not really an idea I was cozying up to . So alas I let Charles do is macho protector thing and he told Sam he was about to be conquered. Colonel Charles did it with a broom on the front porch. LOL! Sorry couldnt resist the Clue thing. I am not sure if Sam survived the swat or the swish that came after as he was swept off the porch. Only time will tell. If he shows up again we will know his true fate. I kinda miss the little pest!

Ok so just for a good laugh heres a pic of my lil Allen after the girls have once again gotten ahold of him. Rose likes to dress him up. I promised my hubby no dresses but I cant promise anything else.

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Manda said...

Poor poor Allen. :p

But I must say, I agree with my dear brother on the subject of Sam.