Monday, September 8, 2008

Who are the Crazies?

The Crazies are the members of my family that bring a smile to my face on a daily basis. This includes me! I am one of them crazies too! We are the family that makes you stop, cock your head to the side (like a dog listens to a high pitch sound)and ask "What is it we are witnessing?" This family of a Mommy(me) A Daddy(My DH) and 3 kids(2 daughters 4 and 7 along with an infant son)I will change their real names here to protect the younglings. I will post pics of our kids soon!

Now dont think this is the end to The Crazies. There are infact more Crazies that dont live under our roof. But they are very much part of the Crazies Family. You will learn of these too as time goes on.

But first I want to start this blog by sharing one of what will certainly be many odd sayings from my 4 year old. I was lucky enough to hear this at the dinner table while having a family dinner. Read and chuckle with me or just stand there with your head cocked to one side. It wont hurt my feelings!

"When I was Rose's age, Mommy gave me a wedgie!" ( this is my 4 year old refering to her older sister who is 7. You do the math and get back to me)Have a great Monday all!

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