Thursday, September 11, 2008

Patriot Day

September 11th 2001- I was home from work with a sick 10 week old baby! My little Rose. I turned on the news and saw them covering the the first airplane crash into the towers.My first thought was "what idiot runs a plane into the tallest building in NYC? How could you miss it?" Then I watched live as the second plane hit. It was then I knew the world would change forever. My children would never know of the world I grew up in. Each person would have to find a new everyday norm. Many of us walked around, numb and unsure of alot of things. It marked the beginning of a long war against terrorism. Some call it a mistake, others defend it. Regardless of your view of the battles being fought over seas, sons and daughters, moms and dads, aunts and uncles and cousins are fighting and dying for our right to praise God, complain about our Government, and voice our opinion. And voice my opinion I will. I hate the fact that there is a war going on. And I wish that every single soldier could come home to his or her family. But there is reason they are there, whether we understand the reality of it or not. We need to support them! Support our soldiers regardless of our views of this war. They sacrifice so much and some give their last breath. The least we could do is say "we love and support you" I have become a penpal of a couple of soldiers so far. I have become friends with one and I also talk to his mom regularly. I have a passion to support them and to spread awareness. I believe God calls us to do certain things at certain times of our lives. I have always been a proud American. I get chills when I sing the Star Spangled Banner, I cry when I sing "Im Proud to be an American" And now in my life I cry for the soldiers "who died to give that right to me" So I will stand up and support them. With or with out the rest of you. If you would like to write people like him....

This is Dan, My Hero. I wrote him from Feb 07-March of 2008 He is home safe but still there are many more like him over there.

You can contact the site that I went through... They can get you a soldier deployed and all you do is write them frequently to let them know you care! Gotta love it! I am starting Soldier #3 soon!

Happy Patriot Day!!!!!!

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