Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I learned something last night!

I control the weather! Or so it seems. After a very stressful day of trying to make Rose and Faith understand that cleaning up the messes they made in the living room and their rooms, I was exhausted. And still the girls room was a disaster area. You know theres a problem when your daughter says "I cant sleep in my bed because I cant get to it!" And the other says "I dont know why you think its hard to climb over all these toys, I am climbing just fine!" Since when in the world is climbing in your bedroom a normal thing? UGH! So after many many failed attempts at asking, telling and DEMANDING really loudly for them to clean their room, I had to take away their tv and computer time the rest of the evening. When that didnt work I started the yelling and warning them of the doom looming if they didnt clean. Did they care? NOPE! They think mommy is just blowing smoke. So I smoked their behinds! Did that work? NOPE! Even after the crying and hysteria was over I still couldnt prove to anyone we had carpet in their room. UGH AGAIN! So back to what I learned. Sorry I kind derailed that whole story telling train didnt I? I was sitting at the table after dinner looking at the rain coming down. And I started to feel calm. I told my husband "You know I would really like a little thunderstorm tonight. It would be so calming." And less then 30 seconds later it thundered! And a thunderstorm insued. It was wonderful! I felt so much more calmed down with lightening and thunder hitting all around us. Odd? Yes but then again we are the Crazies! But I do need someone to explain to me why when the lightening was flashing, at the same exact time one of my girls shoes (that have lights on them) was blinking and lighting up. There was no thunder at the moment when they went off. No one hit it. Nothing was going on around it. It just flashed the same time as the lightening like the weather was controlling the shoe. Great! I control the weather, and the weather controls foot apparel. Now that we have had our Weather lesson for the day, I will close with the "Wordless Wednesday" Photo. Except its not a wordless Wednesday on my blog...LOL!!!
So I will title this "Weather Wednesday"

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