Saturday, September 27, 2008

Is it bedtime yet?

I am exhausted! What a day and its not over yet!

I live in Georgia. Which is going through a huge gas shortage right now. Unbelievable lines of cars just to get gas. And what tempers!!! So I was patiently waiting all week to get gas so that we didnt feel like we were "Topping off" our tank. I got up really early this morning and went to get gas. I was lucky enough to be pulling up behind a car that just finished getting gas. It was awesome. So I swung in and got a full tank. There no limits on how much I could get so I got a full tank! I was so excited! You would not believe how many gas stations in my little area are closed because they have no gas! Then I had to go grocery shopping. I am trying so hard to save money so I thought really hard about how to do that with our grocery bill. I went to Publix who had the Buy one get one free sale and got some of that. Then I came home dropped off the groceries I got. I then remembered I had to pay a bill, mail some books I sold on ebay and then come back and get the rest of my grocery list ready for walmart. So while in line to get the books mailed out I got a phone call from my DH and he said that Bandit, who had dug out under the fence and came back under the fence (like the pokey little puppy) was limping. I came home to check on him to find a gash in his leg where the fence cut into his leg. So off the vet we go. I had to spend $70 for them to say shave his fur, use peroxide and antibiotic ointment on the cut and heres some meds to prevent infection. $70!!!! I could have done all that at home! GRRR! So much for saving money. Then I finally got to go to Walmart and finished up the grocery shopping. I came home and realized out of all that I only saved $10 on groceries. : ( Im heart broken. When the heck am I going to get the grocery bill down? When will we get our gas back to normal? When will the gov't get the financial crisis cleared up? You know what? I dont care right now. I would much rather the Rapture happen! Take me home lets start the happily ever after forever party!

Update: My Father in law is home and doing well. Thanks for all those who were concerned and prayed.

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