Friday, September 26, 2008

I signed in!!!!

I actually got to sign in today. Apparently when it says "this email doesn't exist" it really means "keep typing every password you have ever used until we get it through our thick skulls that it does infact exist" See when I first signed onto blogger a few years ago, (dont look at me like that...I know Im a slacker) I did so under the old blogger so when they converted me to the new one they tell me to use my email address to sign in. I use the one THEY said to use and it tells me it doesn't exist! oh the stress! But I digress( I think thats how you spell it)

I wanted to ask for prayers for Charles' family. His dad was admitted to the hospital last night after suffering another heart attack. They believe it is mild so that sounds hopeful! All I gotta say is he needs to get better because we have a Disney World trip planned next summer and he's one of our special guides. I am not missing Disnney! I have never been so I am as eager if not more eager then our girls. ( Stop giving me that look! Its starting to affect me emotionally) So I lived a guarded life, so what! I am going to be like the mom in the Disney commerial who turns into a kid like her daughter! Yep! That will be me.

Next on my agenda is to say I AM SPOILED ROTTEN!!! Lots of reasons why yes I know. From having a great hubby to having a wonderful family and friends but to specific, I have great kids! Great, laid back , easy kids. After babysitting yesterday the truth was revealed to me! My kids are easy! The little boy I kept yesterday was very much into not listening. Starred at me while I gave instructions several times. Then just to be different instead of alot of no's, I got alot of yes's. But not the good kind. Here's an example"Don't hang on the gate, its not a toy", "YES!" See? not a good yes. I dealt with this all day long. Thank heavens its only an occasional thing. I would end up in the corner, in fetal position, sucking my thumb if I had to do that every day. So I am thankful for my children. God has blessed me so.

Okay, I am done..for now. By the way, you should give me a standing ovation..I just typed this entire blog one handed. Because Allen is in the other one and not allowing me to use my other hand today. Have a blessed day! Oh and one more thing..T.G.I. friggin' F.!!!! I am so ready for the weekend!

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