Saturday, September 20, 2008

The girls are oblivious!

I was in the kitchen this morning when my hubby grabbed me and kissed me. Didnt want to stop apparently. And to be funny I started flailing my arms and making noise. I glanced past my husband and noticed as I flailed the kids were playing together as if nothing was going on. Then Rose looked up at me saw me flail and WENT BACK TO PLAYING!!!! Then they came into the kitchen and Charles did it again, and again the kids looked at us and kept walking past us as though this happens daily. Ok maybe stuff like this happens everyday but geez! Some help would have been nice! The girls are so use to us being affectionate and that gives a good warm fuzzy feeling inside. We dont want them to think its horrible. Most kids are screaming EWW! GROSS!!! My kids totally ignore it. I havent decided if thats good or bad yet. They are use to us kissing and hugging on them as well. I am happy to say my kids never lack affection. I didnt get it growing up so I am focused on making sure my kids experience my love for them.

And also today for a second time my daughter, Faith was getting ready to go outside and said to me as she was putting her shoes on " ok Mom, Watch and Learn" LOL!! She has apparently forgotten who taught her how to put her shoes on.

And my sweet 7 going on 17 year old daughter has discovered my little wimpy MP3 player and is constantly attached to it. I have loaded with Casting Crowns and Stephen Curtis Chapman, Even some Chris Rice and Rebecca St. James. I know she is getting good music. And she loves to sing at the top of her lungs and screams "WHAT?!" When I try to tell her something. I watch her as she sways side to side and gets lost in the song. She feels the song and puts her whole heart and soul into it and she reminds me so much of me!

I love my kids. They bring me so much joy. I have smiled at them and laughed with them so much today and thats just one day. Imagine every day at my house. Laughs and smiles daily! Awesome!

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Mandy said...

:-) Our girls tell my husband "kiss her again"! It's so nice to be affectionate in front of the kids & know that it does help them feel secure. And hey, they should! I'm married to the best man ever!