Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh Rose my dear Rose...

My daughter brought home a paper today with her report card that was a suppose to be a book recommendation and review. Now to remind you she is only in the 2nd grade. And this my dear readers is what she wrote.

How the Grinch Stoled Christmas

I if the grinch stol my chrismtas I will tack a woodin patl and spanck him until his but glos reb like an apple. then he'll skrem and say ow ow ow ow. it will hert him but it was his folt. he stoled my christmas. then he will not wat to cam dak. he will be runing home. I like the book how the Grinch Stoled Christmas. because it is a good book.

Now here is the understandable translation :

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

If the Grinch stole my Christmas I will take a wooden paddle and spank him until his butt glows red like an apple. Then he'll scream and say ow ow ow ow. It will be his fault he stole my Christmas. Then he will not want to come back. He will be running home!

CUTE NO? That was a very cute laugh that I needed today. I just wanted to share.

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Mrs JD said...

Oh holy cow that is hilarious!!!

IS THERE ANYWHERE I go on the internet that you aren't already there? LOL

I quit CafeMom... I'm sure you noticed. I just got tired of reading unsupportive and judgemental comments... not about my posts but just in general.

I'm excited to read your blog! I've missed your writing and hearing about what is going on with you.


Mrs JD