Tuesday, February 17, 2009

After a year you would think....

After a year of being changed severl times a day, frequent baths and daily outfit changes you would thing one might grow accustom to this routine. No such luck. Allen is over a year old now. I have changed his diaper, clothes, and bathed him often. And ever since he was able to protest he has done so! I am amazed my arms arent the size of the Hulk's as much as I strain to keep him from leaving and flailing at me! Even after a year of naps he still screams everytime I lay him down. He is just not getting the idea that screaming doesnt make me stop changing your diaper or clothes. Screaming doesnt keep you from being clean. And screaming certainly doesnt let you stay up late!

Ever since he was formed he has been a "ticky" child. He hated being touched, prodded and messed with in-womb. Every time they would use the doppler probe on my stomach to find his heart beat he would lead them on a chase. He would leave that location and escape to another. It was like a race all over my stomach. Often they would just give up as along as they heard a beat or two of his heart. I guess they figured, hes active and has a heart beat hes good! LOL!!! During ultrasounds he would turn his back to us. Never would he show us his face. There for a while I wondered if he had one! We surprised him though! I had an ultrasound on a friday and another on the following Monday. On Friday he hid from us as usual. On Monday he wasnt expecting us back so soon! We got to see his face and apparently he was in shock we had returned for a view into is his little world because his eyes and mouth were wide open! LOL!!! We laughed!!!! And once he was discovered he was good and let us even get a side profile pic. YAY!!!!! Way to go Allen!

At birth again the "dont mess with me" syndrome kicked in. He went into distress and everytime they would mess with him the following 4 days in the NICU he would get upset, his blood pressure would rise, his oxygen would drop and he would grunt and growl at them. But inbetween "touch times" he was fine. We told them he doesnt like being touched but they werent keen on listening to us. Finally one nurse did and put a note in his file. They almost wouldnt release him on day four, his blood pressure wouldnt go down. So I said put the cuff on him and walk away for a bit come back and then test him. And guess what happened? He got to go home! And to this day nothing has changed! He still hates to be messed with. Am I doomed for life time of "dont touch me!" Will he ever get married and bless me with grandbabies? One would say hes only 1 he has plenty of time to grow and change. Lets just hope that happens for my sake, and his future wife's LOL!!!

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