Monday, February 2, 2009

Ok so its been a while

I know its been quite a millenium since I wrote last. And ending on such sad terms! How bad of me! I am so sorry! We got hit with a stomach bug that went from one person to the other in the house and it was almost never ending. Then sinus issues started so I just havent felt up to blogging. But I am here to say I am still alive and kickin'!

Allen just celebrated his first birthday! Oh the mixed emotions I feel about that one. Allen is our last baby. Well that WE have planned. But I know God can perform miracles. Anyways we arent expecting to expand the family anymore and I am both happy and sad at the thought of it. I am sad to know that my last baby is no longer a little baby. I think he grew to fast. I was pregnant for 2 years with him (it seemed that way anyway) and now hes pulling up on everything and eating cheeseburgers and drinking milk from a sippy cup. But at the same time, its great to know that part of my life is done. No more waking up ever 2 hours to nurse and change diapers just to be peed on in the dark. Actually, I am extremely eager to start the next chapter in my journey along life's path. I am ready to see what awaits me past the life of babies! No diapers! No buckling seat belts! The day I get to get in the car with the family and not have to buckle anyone but me will be a day of Angels singing! Now I am not that naive to think its going to get easier. No I do expect new challenges. Challenges I have no clue that are coming and how to handle them. You see my sister was 7 when I married and moved out. So my experience only goes to seven. Which just so happens to be Rose's age. So I am reaching the era of mystery. Exciting and nerve wracking yes! But I am ready to go!

I also feel God pulling me into action at church in the nursery dept. I feel led to do more then just my duty every 6 weeks with the one year olds. I am ready to take on more responsiblity. Not sure exactly where hes leading me but I am excited to see where it is. So much is changing in my little world here. And I feel overjoyed to take it all on.

We are going through a class at church for our finances. "Financial Peace University" by Dave Ramsey. LOVE IT! We are such money losers! LOL!!! But now we are on the track to being blessed! See? God is busy working alot in my home. I am on the brink of living a life totally unfamiliar to me. And its refreshing! Wish me luck as we go down the new path of life!

Oh! Here's a few pics of Allen's b-day celebration. If you feel the urge to whistle the Smurf's theme just know you arent alone! :)

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Mrs JD said...

We SOOOOO have to get Allen and Ry together!!! That boy is georgeous!!! You are so blessed with beautiful children... but what else should I expect from such a beautiful momma?

I think of you often as well!