Saturday, December 6, 2008

Well its official!

Its official! It is Christmas time in the Crazies household. See?

See our Christmas Tree? Its our first real tree as a family and married couple. Every tree for the past 9 years has been an artificial tree.

Its our little corner of Christmas. Thats all we have to decorate with. How sad is that? One day I hope to have a house like this! Maybe even have snow like them too! Who am I kidding, we are in the south it never snows here. If it does its gone in a few hours. But the kids have fun with the few flakes none the less.

Speaking of fun, we went to the tree farm today and got our tree and the kids had a blast! They got to go on a hay ride..

And they got to climb the big hay stack...

And because this is the closest we get to a family Christmas picture, for your viewing pleasure....

Merry Christmas! From our family to yours!

, Charles, Rose, Faith, Allen and Bandit "Houdini" Crazy

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